Almost all electronic devices emit vibrations and noise that can be annoying if the rooms are small. Today, we provide you with a series of tips to choose the most appropriate air conditioning and solve problems when the device makes more noise than usual.

Air conditioners usually make noise, but some models emit noise at a few decibels. However, both its use and wear can cause the installation not to work as it should.

How to choose a quiet Aircond

In smaller homes, noise can be transmitted from room to room in a straightforward way and can invade the entire space, altering the lives of its inhabitants. The noise emitted by the air conditioning is measured in decibels, and to better understand the indications on its labels, it is advisable to make a series of comparisons.

Noises from 80 dB are considered very annoying since they impede communication even when they are next to each other, for example, in discos. On the other hand, between 80 and 50 dB are bearable, and below 40, the noise is considered pleasant.


Why is the Aircond noisy


The apparatus of air conditioning typically emits between 19 and 22 dB, being inside the bearing. However, today there are models capable of reducing noise by 1 dB, making nighttime comfort much greater.


When you choose your air conditioner, you must consider the room where it will be installed to determine its DB.

Both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner can produce several noises.


Internal drive

We can identify several reasons why noise is produced in the external unit of the air conditioner:

Ventilation train: the blades of this fan generate noise when the device is on due to their movement. Typically with use, these blades tend to lose lubrication, thus affecting the internal motor and causing the noise. We recommend that you keep the internal unit clean and lubricated to avoid this problem.


Housing: lower quality air conditioners tend to be more susceptible to changes in temperature, and the plastic can expand. It can cause it to ring.


Refrigerant circuit gas: the two air conditioning units are connected by a gas pass through a duct. If it is obstructed, it can generate noise.


External unit: This unit is usually installed on the facades, balconies, or terraces of homes. The external drive can cause several everyday noises:


Fan blades: the fan loses lubrication with prolonged use of the device, which can cause noise. On the other hand, the screws of the blades can come loose. Thus they collide with the grilles of the appliance. To solve this problem, you will have to contact a technician to change the blades.


Compressor: Internal wear in this part of the device can cause noise, although a technician can repair the compressor to fix this problem.


Housing: the internal tubes or the impact of the grill and the plates with the vibration of the appliance in operation can cause noise.


Why my air conditioner is making excessive noise?

Over time the air conditioner may produce strange noises or sounds. The vibrations of regular operation can damage or move parts. Usually, some screws in the housings tend to loosen. We can screw all the parts well, change rusty screws or seal joints with silicones.

Any user can perform these remedies, but it is essential to trust expert technicians. This way, we can find the actual source and detect the problems causing the noise.

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