CCTV Installation Services Kuala Lumpur

CCTV camera installations Services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

We provide comprehensive services during the security camera installation process and inform our customers about selecting these systems. However, these systems used to prevent security breaches must first be planned to meet the needs. For this reason, attention should always be paid to the criteria that we will share under the headings below.

Usage Areas: The place where the camera systems will be used should be determined in advance. Cameras used in outdoor or indoor environments also need to be installed according to ambient conditions.

Technology: When installing any camera system, only building design studies are not enough. That is, cabling costs should also be reduced to a minimum. As a company, we continue to provide the necessary support and solutions in this regard.

Resolution: While providing support in choosing the resolution values ​​requested by the customers, we also continue to convey the difference between analog or IP systems in the best way possible. It should be known that cameras with high resolution should always be used in large areas. In addition, since high-resolution systems should be used in public places, it will be sufficient to get support from our company in this regard.

Recording System Solutions in Camera Systems

The selection of the recording system is also essential in the security camera installation process. First of all, the recording and storage units should be investigated. As a company, we will be sharing information about the required hard disk capacity while sharing with you what resolution the cameras should be and how many FPS they will be used.

Expansion and external recording units after recording and storage are also factors to be aware of. When the capacity of the recorder is insufficient, you can get a more comprehensive service by using expansion units. Our company generally receives requests due to the failure of the hard disks placed in the camera recording systems. In this case, we continue to provide the best performance and backup solutions using the latest technologies.

As can be seen, it is not enough to think only about the installation in selecting the camera system. Our company continues to provide quality and professional service after the installation of security cameras, as well as after-sales. In addition, thanks to a conscious approach, we also complete the maintenance and repair of your camera systems, which are likely to fail, and deliver them to you.

CCTV Camera Installation

First of all, we prepare the necessary materials for CCTV camera installation. These materials:

  1. CCTV Security camera,
  2. camera lenses,
  3. camera adapter,
  4. BNC Jack,
  5. power jack,
  6. DVR or DMR digital recorder and video recording card,
  7. Indoor and outdoor protection,
  8. Indoor and outdoor protection feet,
  9. Sufficient amount of cable

As with other camera installations, we do localization. Then we make the cable connection. After completing the test process, we deliver the system to you in working condition.

We use 2+1 or 3+1 (0.50 mm) as CCTV camera cable .

We use the camera cable to transmit 2+1 signals and power.

Camera cable The function of the 4+1 line is the same. Ambient sounds can also be recorded in this single cable type. 2+1 cable does not have this possibility.

Thermal Cameras: Thermal cameras, which detect hot models thanks to the infrared wavelength, measure the energy. These cameras, consisting of sensors and lenses, are generally preferred to protect pipelines, oil platforms, police stations, and headquarters.

Long Range Cameras: These cameras are used to check security breaches in wide-angle areas. These cameras, which have an instant notification feature, are not affected by fog, humidity, rain, and sunlight.

Motion Sensitive Wireless Cameras: They are used to examine hard-to-reach areas without electricity or an internet connection. In addition, when there is not enough light, motion-sensitive wireless cameras are preferred to get a clear image with flashlight technology.

IP Camera Systems: These are the most used systems today. IP cameras with image recording and programmability can also detect motion. It is used by using a network or internet connection. Especially at the point of security camera installation, requests to our company regarding IP camera systems are met quickly. At the same time, by using cat6 and cat7 cables, all the problems that may occur in this system are eliminated.

Therefore, if you want to install or maintain security or CCTV camera systems throughout Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Call 24/7: (+60) 18 292 7331

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