Cold Storage Services

Safe storage in a cold warehouse in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Many influential entrepreneurs often have nowhere to store their goods or materials, as their warehouses are overcrowded or none at all. Therefore, to solve this problem, resourceful people came up with special cold warehouses. What is this, you ask? It is a warehouse complex in which a heating system is not provided. The temperature in such warehouses is not regulated. Therefore such warehouses are very popular among those companies whose goods do not depend on temperature.

What are the advantages of the Cold Storages?

These premises have several significant advantages over conventional warehouses:

First, you can choose the area you need to store your goods. 

Second, if you need to keep a small amount of cargo, you may be offered to buy or rent only a particular area in the warehouse.

Finally, you can order a cold safekeeping warehouse from the comfort of your own home. 

Most firms in the region offer to meet in person to discuss what products and how much you will provide to the warehouse for storage. But in our company, you can not do this, you need to call the desired number, and the company will allocate you a plot or even a whole room.

The prices for renting a cold storage warehouse for safekeeping have lower rates than for heated warehouses. But if you have things or products, then our company has special warm warehouses and chambers. Nothing will happen to your load in them.

What is the safekeeping of goods in a warehouse?

Responsible storage in a cold warehouse is a service where the refrigerator or freezer warehouse owner undertakes to ensure all storage conditions for the products provided.

Who needs cold storage?

There are differences between a cold and unheated warehouse. In a cold storage room, the temperature must be maintained between + 4 ° C- (-18 ° C) at any time of the year. Such conditions are necessary for storing products with a short shelf life and for goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature regime. The cold storage has a cooling system that regulates the air temperature. The floors and walls are made of anti-freeze materials. An unheated warehouse is a closed dry room without heating. Still, there are the necessary conditions for the responsible storage of personal belongings.

A cold warehouse may be needed for pharmaceutical companies, food, and chemical industries. In addition, the unheated warehouse is suitable for enterprises working in metallurgy, woodworking, building materials, machinery, and equipment, etc.

What can be stored in cold and unheated warehouses

Cold warehouses store raw materials, semi-finished products, finished food products, pharmaceuticals, and other goods.

You can store in unheated warehouses:

  • Products and structures are made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys.
  • Polymer raw materials and finished products made of PVC, polyethylene, rubber.
  • Wool, cellulose raw materials, cotton.
  • Building materials, tiles, bulk materials.
  • Car tires, spare parts for vehicles in appropriate packaging.

If necessary, an unheated warehouse can be converted into a heated room – heat guns and portable heaters are installed. It may be required if it is essential to comply with storage conditions at specific temperatures during severe frosts in winter.

Benefits of safekeeping

When a contract for responsible storage is concluded, our company undertakes to ensure the property’s appropriate conditions, integrity, and safety.

When ordering a safekeeping service in our company, clients receive the following benefits:

  • Optimal expenses for the temporary storage of products. 
  • You do not overpay for the rental of the entire warehouse, but rent a part of the warehouse, which has enough space for warehousing, loading and unloading, inspection, accounting, and other cross-docking processes.
  • Guarantees the integrity and safety of the cargo. 
  • Our warehouses are equipped following industry standards, guarded around the clock, and the criteria for organizing and maintaining warehousing are observed.
  • Fulfillment of obligations that are enshrined in the contract. 
  • Conditions, cost of services, and other features are prescribed in the contract and are strictly observed.

Why choose our company for storing goods:

Our company works without intermediaries, so you can directly agree on storing goods in the warehouse.

Warehousing in our warehouses is carried out using special equipment under the supervision of responsible persons.

The cost of warehouse storage services is low compared to other companies. Therefore, we sell the best premises for rent throughout the region.

We have several classifications of warehouses. Depending on your product, we can advise you on warehouses with any temperature. You can still rent several different warehouses.

Therefore, if you want to rent a cold storage warehouse throughout Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Call 24/7: (+60) 18 292 7331

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