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According to modern requirements, to maintain ideal comfortable conditions in commercial spaces where people are constantly present, air purified from mineral and organic dust should contain about 21% oxygen and no more than 0.3% carbon dioxide.

Its temperature should be in the range of 20-24 ° С, relative humidity – 50-60%, and the mobility of the air mass should be 0.1-0.15 m / s. Such conditions can be achieved only with the use of air conditioning systems.

To begin with, let’s talk about those air conditioners that can be used in small and medium-sized offices and shops. For large ones, it is advisable to use semi-industrial and industrial equipment.

Split systems Airconds

Usually, split systems are installed in places of the constant presence of people. Thus, in addition to standard wall-mounted air conditioners, they are exceptionally well suited for an office, shop, or restaurant: split systems of the cassette, duct, and floor-sub-ceiling type.

These systems do not create dead zones and have a higher power fan; their internal blocks are almost entirely located behind the false ceiling and do not violate the existing interior. The duct air conditioner is installed behind a suspended or false ceiling that completely hides the indoor unit.

The distribution of cooled air is carried out through a system of heat-insulated air ducts, which are also located in the inter-ceiling space. A duct air conditioner can cool several rooms at once; in addition, the ducted air conditioner can supply fresh air from the street in the volumes required for full ventilation. With the help of a duct system, air can be discharged simultaneously in two, three, five, ten, or more places, making the air conditioner’s operation almost invisible.

Cassette air conditioner directs the cooled air in four directions at once. For each of them, the flow force is regulated separately. As a result, it allows the cooled air to be distributed more evenly throughout the room and avoid direct flow onto people – the airflow is directed horizontally along with the ceiling. This design makes it possible to use a cassette air conditioner to cool a large room and makes it indispensable in rooms with complex shapes.

In restaurants, shops, and less often in offices where the walls are not suitable for mounting wall-mounted indoor units, and there are no suspended ceilings, floor-ceiling air conditioners can be an alternative. As the name suggests, they are installed either at the bottom of the wall or directly on the roof. In the first case, the airflow is directed vertically upwards and horizontally along with the ceiling in the second case. This design allows you to distribute the cooled air more evenly throughout the room and avoid direct flow to people.

Multi-split – systems Airconds

Multi-split systems can be a good solution if an office, shop, or restaurant consists of many premises. In these systems, with one outdoor unit, depending on the manufacturer and model, from 2 to 9 indoor units work. Even if it is necessary to create comfort in one and a half dozen rooms, you can do with only two or three external blocks, which in most cases can be taken out into the yard – in this case, the facade of the house will not suffer.

The advantage of split and multi-split systems is a large selection of different types of indoor units. The following modifications are distinguished: wall, duct, cassette, and ceiling air conditioner. At the same time, almost all household split systems are wall-mounted. The rest of the air conditioners are semi-industrial. The disadvantages of such systems are that replacing several split systems with one multi-split system does not lead to a price gain since the equipment cost is about the same.
On the other hand, the labor intensity and installation cost are 1.5 – 2 times higher due to longer communications. In addition, if the external unit of a multi-split system fails, all internal teams stop working. Therefore, from this point of view, the reliability of several split systems is higher.

Therefore, multi-split systems are usually used only when it is impossible to place several outdoor units on the house’s outer wall.

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