Residential AirCon Services

Residential AirCond Servicing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our company provides a full range of aircond servicing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. You can contact us for help if you only plan to install the aircon or it has failed and requires service. Our company employs experienced specialists, so we work with different models of HVAC equipment from Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Samsung, and other global manufacturers.

  1. Servicing/maintenance of Aircond
  2. Installation of aircons
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Refueling the air conditioner
  5. Dismantling of aircond
  6. Commissioning of aircond
  7. Aircond repair

Nowadays, air conditioning is used in houses, cottages, apartments, shops, offices, production halls, warehouses, and so on. Modern models of aircon’s have many functions. Still, they will serve reliably and for a long time only with proper installation, adherence to operating rules, and timely maintenance. Climatic equipment is a rather complex technical device, so it is better to trust professional artisans to work with them. Our specialists have the necessary qualifications, so they can easily and quickly cope with any task.

Professional installation of air conditioners in a short time

Our craftsmen have rich experience, so they can professionally install household and semi-industrial air conditioners. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience, we take on projects of any complexity. We can also install an industrial air conditioning system in large shopping centers, business centers, factories, and plants. Our masters will develop a project for you and help you choose the necessary equipment for air conditioning, taking into account several factors:

  • Building area;
  • Specifics of appointment;
  • Features of architecture;
  • The number of people in the room, and so on.

The craftsmen will carry out all the commissioning work, so you have to enjoy the air conditioning system’s comfort. Also, our specialists can dismantle the climatic equipment if necessary.

Air conditioning services – maintenance

The climatic equipment needs periodic maintenance. Timely maintenance of the air conditioning system by professional artisans has several advantages:

  1. Increase in the service life of the equipment;
  2. Uptime guarantee;
  3. Reducing the risk of failure of the air conditioner at the wrong time;
  4. Preventing costly repairs and so on.

You can agree to monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual maintenance of air conditioners for household or industrial use with our company.

As part of the service maintenance of air conditioning systems, our specialists perform the following actions :

  1. Diagnostics of the entire system and individual nodes;
  2. Checking the refrigerant level and recharging if necessary;
  3. Checking the operation of electronic components;
  4. Cleaning the system about dust and dirt;
  5. Replacement of air filters;
  6. Compressor performance check;
  7. Disinfection and other work.
  8. High-quality and fast repair

If the aircond fails, you can also contact our masters for help. Repair of the air conditioning system is required in such cases:

  • Warm air blows;
  • Frost has appeared on the compressor or pipes;
  • The air conditioner gives an error (inscription or sound signal);
  • The equipment does not turn on, or after a few minutes of operation, it turns off on its own;
  • The control panel does not work, and so on.

If you have noticed irregularities in the air conditioner’s operation or its complete malfunction, please get in touch with our specialists for help. Thanks to modern equipment and tools, we can quickly diagnose and accurately determine the cause of the malfunction and then eliminate the malfunction as soon as possible.

Why is it worth contacting our company?

Our company is a team of professionals who can easily cope with any task. We have extensive experience working with household and industrial climatic equipment, so we take on the most complex projects. By contacting our company, you can appreciate the following advantages:

  1. A wide range of services (from installation to repair);
  2. Qualified specialists with extensive experience;
  3. Modern equipment and tools for diagnostics and repair;
  4. The efficiency of service provision;
  5. Affordable prices;
  6. Guarantee of high quality of work performed and so on.

We use only high-quality spare parts and consumables when repairing and servicing, so we are confident in long-term and reliable operation. Our specialists can drive up to you for maintenance, repair, or installation of the air conditioner at a convenient time for you. We strive to help you create comfort and coziness, so we always listen to your wishes.

You can contact our specialists if you need technical support. Our consultants will give you detailed answers to all questions. In addition, you can order installation, maintenance, and other air conditioning services by contacting our manager.

Entrust your air conditioning system to our professionals and save yourself from unnecessary hassle and worries! 

You can order the service using a particular order form or call 24/7: (+60) 18 292 7331.

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