Now that the temperatures begin to rise and the sun is present daily, we want to have cool places in our homes or offices. But, unfortunately, after the winter season, we can find that our device does not cool.

Causes why the air conditioning equipment does not cool


If our air conditioner does not cool, it does not mean that it is broken. Sometimes these can be minor breakdowns that can be solved without any problem.


Remote control

If the correct mode is not selected from the remote control, it may be in heating mode or Dry mode (dehumidifier). This model air conditioning and cooling but in a softer way and will feel that the air conditioning does not cool.

Selects cool mode from the remote control and is indicated by a snowflake icon.

Dirt on the Filters

Keeping the air conditioning filters clean is essential because they can become blocked if this task is not done. Make sure they are well cleaned by accessing them. If not, you will only need a cloth and water.

Causes why the air conditioner does not cool

Thus, you will remove all the dirt, and the filters will be in perfect condition again.

Dirt on the outdoor unit

In this part of the device, dirt can also be stored and blocked. Check the back of the outdoor unit and the fans to see what condition it is in.

Clean the exchanger at least once a year and every time it changes from hot to cold mode.

Start capacitor

These cylinders are responsible for the operation of both the outdoor fan and the indoor compressor. If your unit works but does not cool, the external condenser may be damaged.

If, on the other hand, the outdoor unit works but the indoor unit does not cool, the indoor condenser may be the one that is damaged.

Gas leak

A gas leak can be the cause of your air conditioner not cooling. To solve it, you will have to fill in the external unit and contact a professional.

How to repair the air conditioner if it does not cool

Depending on the cause of the problem, the solutions to fixing the air conditioning will be one or the other. We will have to clean the equipment if it is due to dirt on the filters or the outdoor unit.

If the problem is with the starter compressor, a new one of the same voltage rating will have to be purchased and replaced.

A more complex solution is the repair of the air conditioning compressor. This time you will have to contact professionals to have it repaired.

On the other hand, if there is a gas leak, you will also have to call professionals in the sector to detect and repair it.

The causes and solutions for this problem can be very varied. Therefore, it is advisable to contact our professional technicians to solve all the issues that have arisen and insure them.

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