We know that summer is one of the years that produces the most electricity consumption since the heat is sometimes unbearable, so we keep the equipment on for many hours, creating a bad habit.


If you want to install air conditioning in your home, apartment or office, keep these tips in mind:


  1. Listen to the professionals: Many people want to install their air conditioning equipment but do not have the required technical knowledge; that is why you should leave that task to the experts.


  1. Perfect temperature: Most rooms or offices with air conditioning do not have the right temperature since it is usually below what it should be. This poor temperature regulation (heat outside and cold inside) can cause sudden changes in people’s bodies. That is why the perfect temperature is 26º, either for your home office.


  1. Take care of the equipment: Another critical point to leave the installation of the air conditioning to the experts is that they know where to locate it; for example, it should not be installed in a place where it is exposed to the sun’s rays, it should be covered by a shade and ensuring correct air circulation.


  1. Operation and capabilities of the equipment: Keep in mind to buy the air conditioning equipment in a trustworthy place, since you must be careful with the consumption information, refrigeration capacity. And energy efficiency coefficients. Remember that it is best left to the air conditioning experts in Lima.


  1. Keep the air fresh: Two points must be taken into account to keep a cool temperature. First, strategically place the equipment, since if it is in the shade or near a window, the hot air will not enter your room or office. On the other hand, it is essential to know when to ventilate the spaces, for example, when there is enough air outside. In this way, you will keep the air fresh and maintain your energy levels in the electricity bill.


Take these tips into account, especially remember that if you want to install an air conditioning unit, do not hesitate to contact Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Call 24/7: (+60) 18 206 3521

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