Industrial buildings are convenient places for various production, storage, maintenance, and dispatch of goods or merchandise. Still, having a large size and being aimed at productivity, they must be heated efficiently to optimize internal work.

Air conditioning systems of an industrial warehouse

There are several ways of air conditioning an industrial warehouse, and it should be noted that if importing which one is applied, it is done correctly. Under the parameters established for each one, its effectiveness will be guaranteed. However, these have notable differences from each other.


Ducted air conditioning


It involves the deployment of various cold air conductive tubes (treated) through every one of the internal areas of the industrial building. It turns out to be one of the best options to maintain a homogeneous temperature throughout the complex, and auxiliary fans can even be implemented.


However, buy steroids if you want to make a higher concentration of treated air within a specific industrial building area. Then, without significant problems, allocating more tubes to that part or placing a more substantial number of auxiliary fans can be done.


This system works with central air conditioning or a battery of these to be very high. Still, its effectiveness is guaranteed, since in a short time after turning it on, you can notice an adjustment in the temperature.


Air conditioning by individual air conditioning


Perhaps this is the most expensive method to cool an industrial warehouse since the cooling capacity of this equipment is not capable of covering a large area, so a series of individual air conditioners must be installed, which represents a greater consumption of electricity.

On the other hand, the maintenance of these machines must be more frequent than that of the air conditioning by a duct, so that the expenses increase at a faster rate. However, if you want to enhance cooling in a specific area of an industrial warehouse, these can be a perfect option, as long as the site is not very large.


In other words, it is better to install them in closed sections where there is a high caloric concentration by mechanical equipment or in offices so that those who work within them can control the temperature to their taste.

Evaporative air conditioning

Although it went a bit unnoticed in its beginnings, nowadays, more and more companies implement this system within their industrial buildings. It can keep the environment calm and renew the air in it, making the internal thermal sensation much more pleasant.

In this process, the water evaporates, which falls in the form of a spray, eliminating the heat from the environment, and improving the air by making it a little more humid, which also benefits the workers’ health. Moreover, it does not involve the use of compressed gases nor the energy expenditure of the previous methods. In addition, it is the most economical.

It should be clarified that this method turns out to be very effective in dry environments since the humidity inside the ship relieves the internal heat. However, when it is in a humid climate, this possibility must be very well studied before placing it since it may lack the desired effects.

Regardless of the type of air conditioning chosen, basic feasibility studies of the project must be carried out since this does not only imply the purchase of the equipment but the complete installation, the periodic maintenance expense, and the energy expense that these methods entail.

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