It is vital to keep the air conditioner disinfected, and care must be taken with your device. Despite the comfort it offers in hot or cold weather, if there is no constant maintenance, the device can become a means of spreading disease through the air. To improve air quality and increase equipment durability, periodic preventive cleaning is required. 

The accumulation of dirt on the filter and the interior walls of the air conditioner creates a perfect environment for the proliferation of mites, fungi, and bacteria and affects the device’s operation, the generation of noise, failures, and higher energy consumption. Cleaning of the panel device and the filter should be done monthly. 

If the environment is very dusty or has a large influx of people, it is recommended to do it weekly. Some models have an alert system, which makes it easy to remember the cleaning of the equipment.

How should the Aircon panel and filter be cleaned?


  1. First, turn off the air conditioner and remove the cap.
  2. If you have a split air conditioner, remove the front panel and clean it with a soft dry cloth, but if the panel is very dirty, wash it with warm water (below 48ºC). Wait to dry and go to the filter, the subsequent air conditioning cleaning element.
  3. Unhook the air filter from the indoor unit and clean it with a vacuum cleaner unless there is very obvious dirt. In this case, you can use warm water and neutral detergent. After dry, reinstall the filter and close the panel to finish the cleaning of the air conditioner.
  4. The cleaning procedure for the wall (or window) air conditioner is not much different. Clean the front panel with a soft, dry cloth or use a vacuum cleaner. To clean the filter of this air conditioner, remove it from the indoor unit and remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner or soap and water. Wait to dry and return it to the original position.
  5. For the cleaning to be complete, we cannot forget the internal parts, such as the heat exchangers. In that case, it is necessary to turn to a professional every six months on average. Here you will find this service.
  6. Never use chemicals or pour water directly on the panel. Do not forget to read the cleaning instructions in the instruction manual, since each brand may have some specific recommendations and special care on cleaning the air conditioning.
  7. At the time of purchase, take a close look at the characteristics of the air conditioner, as many offer very efficient filters for your comfort. For example, some models have a filter that removes fungi, bacteria, and other animal hair filters, ideal for those who have cats or puppies at home.

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