It is known that every electrical appliance in the home uses a considerable amount of light. Therefore, if they are not adequately cared for, the electrical cost they incur may be more significant than you expect.

The same happens with the air conditioning equipment. If it is not well cared for, it is easily spoiled, and not only that, -by its nature- it could quickly deteriorate a product in the room in which it is located.

One of the most common oversights is not performing a regular filter cleaning, which, according to experts, should be done once a month. However, this is not the only oversight that can be made for caring for your air conditioning. Seven common mistakes are made in more significant numbers, and here we explain what they are so that you can avoid them in the future.

1.- Do not clean the filter

As we mentioned above, the absence of cleaning the filter of your climate control equipment is one of the most common mistakes. It is because the filter is one of the essential parts, and it is no wonder it is in charge of purifying the air. Experts on the subject recommend that this cleaning be done at least once a month, in this way you can guarantee its correct operation.

For this, you must disassemble the parts very carefully and rinse each piece with warm water, rubbing them lightly with your hands. You can add a neutral liquid soap if you want to achieve better results.

In the case of the exterior of the equipment, we recommend that you use a soft bristle brush to remove dust or what may accumulate.

Finally, we recommend that you let the pieces dry in a shady space.

2.- Inadequate temperature

The ideal air conditioning temperature is a crucial factor, as it will not only keep your equipment in good condition but also help reduce your monthly electricity bill. Therefore, experts assure that the ideal temperature is the one that does not exceed 12 or 15 degrees of the outside temperature, which is usually 25ºC. However, this depends a lot on the thermal comfort of each person since each one has a kind of indoor thermostat that differs a lot from the rest. Therefore, don’t worry if you come home or to your office and feel like the temperature is high. Instead, we recommend that you wait because you always arrive with the outside heat, and your body needs time to acclimatize.

3.- Lower the temperature drastically to cool “faster.”

Lowering the temperature from one moment to the next just for the environment to cool down quickly, despite popular belief, is a fatal mistake. First, because you do not get the results you expect, and second, you force the team to make an extra effort and spend much more energy. We recommend you wait and keep it at the temperature indicated in the previous paragraph.

In addition, we remind you that if you activate your air conditioning equipment, it is because it is hot outside and you need to cool off. It makes no sense to start the air conditioning so that inside, you wear a coat or jacket because the temperature is shallow. It is an unnecessary waste of electricity, so also money.

4.- Do not carry out an annual review

Professional technicians must perform an annual review of the equipment to keep everything in good condition and prevent any problems. In this way, you will guarantee its correct operation and efficiency. In addition, they will perform a cleaning of internal parts, to which you do not have access, and only by completing the maintenance service of the air conditioning will you achieve it. It will help you prevent possible breakdowns that usually appear due to wear and tear and time of use.

5.- Do not turn off the equipment

Leaving the air conditioning on all the time is one of the most common mistakes. Experts recommend that while the air conditioning space is not occupied, it is not turned on, especially when the temperature is not so high.

However, if you leave and return in a moment, it is recommended to leave the air conditioning on, but at a medium temperature to create a progressive decrease.

6.- Do not close the doors and windows of the enclosure

Turning on the equipment with the windows and doors open is a mistake even though the heat is unbearable. It only causes the cold to spread towards the less crowded rooms and corridors, thus wasting the fresh air. In addition, it is recommended to ventilate the place in the first instance before turning on the air conditioner.

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