During the regular operation of the air conditioning equipment, various events may occur.


  1. Protection of the air conditioning unit


Compressor protection

  • The compressor does not work for 3 minutes after stopping or shutting down.
  • The unit is designed not to blow cold air in HEAT mode.
  • The indoor or outdoor fan stops during the defrosting process (hot and cold models only).
  • Ice may form on the outdoor unit during the heat cycle when the outdoor temperature is shallow, and the humidity is high, which will decrease the heating efficiency of the air conditioning unit.
  • In this state, the unit will stop working in heating mode and automatically start the defrosting process.
  • The defrosting time may vary between 4 and 10 minutes depending on the outdoor temperature and the amount of ice accumulated in the outdoor unit.


  1. A white mist comes out of the indoor unit


  • A white mist may be generated due to a significant temperature difference between the air inlet and outlet in the COOL (cold) mode in an indoor space with high relative humidity.
  • A kind of white mist may be generated due to the moisture generated in the defrosting process when the air conditioner is operated in HEAT mode after defrosting.


  1. Small noise in the air conditioning unit


  • You may hear a slight hissing noise when the compressor is running or when it stops running. This noise is the sound of the refrigerant moving or stopping.
  • You may hear a tiny squeak when the compressor is running or when it stops running. It is caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the unit’s plastic parts when the temperature changes.
  • You may hear a noise due to the foils moving back to their original position when the power is turned on for the first time.


  1. Dust comes out of the indoor unit


It is a typical situation and occurs when the air conditioning unit has not been used for a long time or is used for the first time.

  1. A strange smell comes out of the indoor unit


It is caused by odors impregnated by building materials, furniture, smoking, or not having a water trap.

  1. The air conditioning unit switches to FAN ONLY mode (fan only)


When the indoor temperature reaches the temperature set on the unit, the compressor stops automatically, and the air conditioning unit goes into FAN-only mode. The compressor will restart again when the indoor temperature rises in a COOL manner or falls in HEAT mode until it reaches the set point. Water may drip from the surface of the indoor unit in a COOL way when the relative humidity is high (above 80%). Set the horizontal blade to the maximum air outlet position and the high mode fan speed (HIGH).

  1. Heating mode (only in hot and cold models)

The air conditioning unit captures heat from the outdoor unit and releases it through the indoor unit during heating. When the outside temperature drops, the heat trapped by the unit also decreases. At the same time, the heat load of the air conditioning unit increases due to the significant difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. If a comfortable temperature cannot be achieved with the air conditioning unit, we advise you to use an additional heating device.

  1. Automatic restart function (Optional)

A power failure will stop the unit entirely. When power is restored, the auto-restart unit will power up with all settings stored in memory. For units without automatic restart, press the ON / OFF button on the remote control to restart unit operation.

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