When choosing an air conditioning unit that fully meets your needs, never choose one based on its price, size, or anything other than its functions. It may be unclear to you, as there are different types of air conditioning, and in this article, we will explain them point by point.

However, to understand it better, we see fit to make two divisions, one of them based on the use that you will give it, be it domestic, commercial, or industrial; and the other is based on its characteristics. This last division includes the window, portable, split wall, split ceiling floor, split cassette, and split duct. Here are the details:

1.- Types of Airconds According to their use

Domestic Airconds

As its name implies, this equipment is used mainly in homes, small businesses, and small offices. It is because they only heat up to 60 square meters. Lines below, we will precisely know the characteristics of the air conditioning equipment that I want for these types of environments.

Commercial Airconds

Commercial Airconds are used for areas from 60 square meters to approximately 120. Its use is every day in stores and large offices, among other spaces.

Industrial Airconds

Here you can already think big. These machines are specially created for large spaces, over 120 square meters or more. These are used for shopping centers, buildings, supermarkets, among others.

2.- Types of Airconds According to their characteristics

Window Airconds

It is a type of air conditioner for homes or small spaces, so it is pretty standard and accessible. Its installation is quick, and it is an all-in-one device. The only problem that many users find is the slight noise compared to other types of equipment.

Laptop Airconds

Like the previous type of air conditioning, it is intended for domestic tasks, including small offices. However, thanks to its characteristic of being mobile, it has the advantage of being portable.

Split Wall Airconds

It is the best-selling air conditioning equipment on the market in the domestic sphere. It is because it is very efficient and does not make a lot of noise.

Split Floor Sky Airconds

This type of equipment is for domestic and commercial use as they have high air conditioning capacity. In addition, it can be hung from the ceiling, as its name implies, or it can be located on the floor.

Split Cassette Airconds

In the same way, it is of both groups, domestic and commercial. It goes on the ceiling in a “hidden” mode, so it does not take up space.

Split Duct Airconds

It is one of the types of business air conditioners. It goes on the ceiling, and the air distribution is developed through ducts and grilles.

Now that we know all the types of air conditioning that can exist, you can decide which one to choose with greater precision. But, first, remember that you must evaluate all kinds of factors, such as the economic expense it means and even the space you have for its installation and the environment you want it.

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